SL Natural is a company that produces soy lecithin and oleins. It emerged to the consideration of both national and international markets

The high quality of our products is guaranteed by international certification standards) (to replace the chemical-synthetic ones

We consider ourselves as a service company because we do not only seek to sell our products, but also regard our customers as our allies in our progress, as we advise and accompany them into the correct incorporation and combination of our goods in order to enhance their productivity and performance

Our soy lecithin and oleins can be incorporated into the production chain of many other industries, including human food, animal feed, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, energy, etc.

The infrastructure of our Industrial Complex includes its own laboratory in situ. This gives us the ability to perform physical, chemical and microbiological analysis in all production stages. The constant bacteriological controls our oleins and lecithins go through gives us the confidence required by the different industries that purchase our products for incorporating them into their own processing chain, including food.